Strip Club in Las Vegas Tapping into the Golden Knights' Success

Published June 2, 2023 at 10:17

As the Stanley Cup Final looms, the Vegas Golden Knights are finding support from some unconventional quarters. One strip club in Las Vegas, in an amusing and somewhat risqué move, has pledged to offer the team's players complimentary dances for life if they bring home the Cup.

Brittany Rose, the General Manager of Hustler Club Las Vegas, explained the reasoning behind this unconventional support method:

"The success of the Vegas Golden Knights has played an integral role in boosting our community's morale. As the first professional sports team to debut in Las Vegas, we decided to show our support by extending free lap dances & VIP memberships for life in efforts to help motivate and lead the team to victory."

This bold promise was reported early today by Las Vegas's Fox5 TV station. Luc Gélinas, renowned sports reporter, was quick to pick up the story, tweeting:

"Las Vegas's Fox5 TV station informs us this morning that 'to motivate' the GoldenKnights players, the HustlerClub_LV striptease club will offer all of them free dances for life if they win the Stanley Cup! Motivation is important!"

This unconventional morale booster, devised by the HustlerClub_LV, is indeed causing quite a buzz in the digital sphere.

One thing's for sure: it's an offer that adds a distinctively Las Vegas twist to the high stakes of the Stanley Cup Final.

Credit: A revelation that's stirring a lot of reaction regarding a Vegas strip club and the Golden Knights players
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Strip Club in Las Vegas Tapping into the Golden Knights' Success

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