Blockbuster Trade Rumor Emerges Between The Maple Leafs & Canucks

Published November 6, 2023 at 0:04

The Maple Leafs and Canucks have both turned heads for different reasons this season. Both teams are off to unexpected starts and they could potentially even work together for a mutually beneficial trade.

Leafs Struggling


After a disappointing 6-4 loss to the Sabres yesterday, the Leafs have fallen to 4th in the tough Atlantic division with a 5-4-2 record. They are still within the playoff picture, but things are starting to get more concerning as the teams weakness only become more glaring the further we get into the season.

None of the Leafs big offseason additions have worked out. Max Domi has just 4 assists and Ryan Reaves is one of the worst players in the league. The most disappointing of them all has been Tyler Bertuzzi. He has just two goals and an assist despite playing alongside Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, two of the best offensive players in the entire league. How is it even possible that Bertuzzi only has one assist when Matthews has 11 goals?

Canucks Are For Real

Meanwhile, Vancouver has enjoyed a terrific start to the season. Not only is their 8-2-1 record one of the best in the entire league, but their games are simply really fun to watch. The team's offense has been electrified and they've already scored eight goals and ten goals in individual games. How could they help the Leafs in any way?


Brock Boeser. There have been rumors surrounding the forward virtually the entire time he's been in Vancouver. Supposedly, he wants out after his current contract is up. Perhaps the team can give him an early exit if they can work something out with the Leafs. The proposed deal is a one-for-one. Brock Boeser for William Nylander.

While such a trade might sound insane, consider this. Nylander is on an expiring deal and he's going to get a big raise in the offseason. The Leafs have already shown that they can't bring in enough depth with their current top-heavy lineup. Why would they try to get even more top-heavy? Furthermore, Nylander may want out as the Leafs have not been able to find any kind of playoff success while he's been there.

Additionally, Boeser has another year on his contract with a 6.5 million dollar cap hit. That makes him just a hair cheaper than Nylander's current deal and a lot cheaper than whatever Nylander's next contract will be. He will likely be making around 9 million dollars a season if not more. That extra cap room could mean the Leafs can finally bring in some legit depth scorers. While Boeser may be a downgrade on Nylander the team as a whole could be better.

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Blockbuster Trade Rumor Emerges Between The Maple Leafs & Canucks

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