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Insider Leaks Major Blockbuster Trade Involving Elias Pettersson

Published February 29, 2024 at 6:55 PM

According to multiple sources, the Vancouver Canucks recently discussed a major trade involving Elias Pettersson with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Friedman Drops A Bombshell About A Major Trade Involving Pettersson

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has shared an update revealing that the Vancouver Canucks and Carolina Hurricanes recently engaged in discussions regarding a possible trade involving Elias Pettersson.

According to multiple sources, the Vancouver Canucks and Carolina Hurricanes had discussions about Elias Pettersson that advanced to a stage where both the Canucks and the player needed to make serious decisions about where their relationship was headed.

The Canucks ultimately decided in favour of another attempt at extending Pettersson, and he, facing the possibility Vancouver could move him, allowed agents Pat Brisson and JP Barry to resume negotiations. Previously, the talented forward indicated he preferred to wait until after the season.

No extension is complete at this time, but there certainly is momentum in that direction, as Daily Faceoff's Frank Seravalli reported Wednesday. Should it be completed, it will allow the Canucks a very clear picture of their future cap situation heading into next week's trade deadline.

- Elliotte Friedman

These talks prompted Pettersson and his agent JP Barry to resume contract negotiations with the Canucks. It seems Pettersson prefers staying in Vancouver over being traded to Carolina.

While no extension has been finalized yet, there's considerable momentum in that direction. Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff also reported on Wednesday that there's progress in the talks. If a deal is reached, it will provide the Canucks with clarity regarding their salary cap situation ahead of the upcoming trade deadline.

Canucks insider Dhaliwal reports that things are now trending towards a contract being signed.

The noise in the market about Elias Pettersson's contract reached a fever pitch in the past week.

Canucks management met with Pettersson in the last few days and they got back to the negotiating table.

Certainly not done but they are talking contract.

Furthermore, Seravalli shared on his Daily Faceoff podcast that it was Pettersson himself who initiated discussions with the team earlier this week, expressing his desire to put an end to the ongoing uncertainty. Seravalli also mentioned that the potential deal could be worth $12+ million per season on a long-term basis.

"I'm told Pettersson went to the Canucks early this week and said let's end all this nonsense. Let's get a deal done, I want to stay in Vancouver."

- Frank Seravalli

This development is surprising considering Pettersson's previous reluctance to negotiate during the season. It appears that external pressures, including fan and media attention, may have influenced the situation.

With these recent developments, it seems there could be significant news coming out of Vancouver in the near future.
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Insider Leaks Major Blockbuster Trade Involving Elias Pettersson

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