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Insider Reveals Which Team Is Holding Up The Trade Market

Published February 28, 2024 at 9:40 PM

Every NHL trade deadline, there's typically a team that can dictate the market. This team often embarks on a rebuild and boasts the most assets available. This year, the Calgary Flames seem to hold that position.

Calgary Flames Holding Up The Trade Market

Leading up to the deadline, the Flames have already traded Nikita Zadorov and Elias Lindholm. Today Chris Tanev has been moved to the Dallas Stars which could trigger the domino effect. However, they still have players like Noah Hanifin and Jacob Markstrom, and others up for grabs, with Hanifin and Markstrom being the most sought after.

Reportedly, around 13 teams are in talks for Hanifin. According to Anthony Di Marco, the delay in the trade market is due to Calgary and their pending unrestricted free agents (UFAs). Once Calgary makes their moves, it's expected that the floodgates will open.

Several league sources told me yesterday that the trade market is being held up by CGY and their pending UFA. Once they make their moves the floodgates will likely open.

Guys like Dumba, Seeler and Walker will have their market set once CGY sets the tone.

When Calgary finally makes a move, it's anticipated that the trade market will heat up. With less than 10 days until the deadline, the Flames are not only affecting themselves but also other teams. If teams pivot too early, Calgary might receive less-than-desirable offers. Conversely, if they wait too long, other teams could end up with nothing.

This trade deadline is crucial for general manager Craig Conroy, who is navigating his first deadline. Getting it right is paramount, as a misstep could further hinder a franchise already in need of significant change.
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Insider Reveals Which Team Is Holding Up The Trade Market

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