NHL commissioner Gary Bettman addressing the media in Winnipeg
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Gary Bettman Publicly Calls Out Winnipeg Jets Fans

Published February 28, 2024 at 5:43 PM

Over the past 72 hours, Winnipeg Jets fans have been grappling with uncertainty about the team's future.

Gary Bettman Calls Out Jets Fans During Press Conference

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced three days ago that he would hold a public press conference in Winnipeg today to address concerns about the Jets. While Bettman attempted to alleviate fans' fears during the conference, some lingering apprehensions remained.

The Jets have faced challenges in recent years, with concerns about the team's ownership and financial stability. Despite being a strong team, the Jets have struggled with low attendance, ranking among the lowest in the NHL. Bettman acknowledged these concerns but expressed confidence in the Winnipeg market, urging fans to return to the Canada Life Centre.

«I'm not sure why people are now speculating that [the team] is not gonna be here. Obviously, the attendance needs to improve. It will. I have confidence in this organization.»

«If I didn't believe in places like Winnipeg, we wouldn't have brought the Jets back. Get over your anxiety and come to games.»

- Gary Bettman

However, some fans remain skeptical, pointing out Bettman's past remarks about the importance of fan support for the team's viability. They see Bettman's visit as a form of pressure, reminding fans to support the team or face consequences.

Critics also question Bettman's focus, suggesting that he should prioritize addressing issues with other struggling teams, such as those in Arizona.

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Gary Bettman Publicly Calls Out Winnipeg Jets Fans

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