BREAKING: Area for Gary Bettman's Press Conference gets VANDALIZED (PHOTOS)

Published April 13, 2023 at 3:40 PM

Gary Bettman, while he is not loved by everyone, I strongly believe he always has the National Hockey League and their fans best interest at heart with every decision he makes. The NHL is a business, and sometimes business decisions need to be made that upset some, but is whats best for the NHL in the long-term.

One thing Bettman has been stern on though is keeping the Arizona Coyotes in Arizona. He is desperately trying to make this Tempe project work, which has caused some feuds within the area. Bettman was supposed to arrive for a Press Conference, and before his arrival, the area was vandalized.

The location that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was supposed to have a press conference at in Tempe, Arizona was vandalized with ‘VOTE NO' in multiple areas

The cites of Tempe and Phoenix have been at a feud over the #Coyotes proposal to build a new arena in Tempe. The city of Phoenix does not want them doing it, and Tempe has fired back with legal action.

Interesting situation.
-Puck Empire

Arizona's president Xavier A. Gutierrez spoke to the public regarding the vandalism:

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BREAKING: Area for Gary Bettman's Press Conference gets VANDALIZED (PHOTOS)

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