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Bruins Star Rookie Already Getting Called Out By Canadian Head Coach At World Juniors

Published December 23, 2023 at 5:32 PM
Today Bruins rookie Matthew Poitras played his first game with the Canadian World Junior team in pre-tournament action. After the game his coach called him out for his play.

Bruins Star Rookie Already Getting Called Out By Head Coach At World Juniors

Today after his first appearance at World Juniors in pre-tournament action the head coach for Team Canada Alan Letang was not happy with the performance of NHL addition Matthew Poitras.

"I expect him to be better," said Letang. "He probably expects himself to be better. We know he'll be better."

Poitras played shortly after getting to Sweden for the tournament. He was not part of the selection camp which means he had not played with any of the players on his team before.

Despite this Canada's coach expects better and Matthew Poitras himself has said he expects better.

Bruins Rookie Understands He Needs To Improve As World Juniors Begins

After the game, Poitras was asked about his performance and the comments from his head coach.

When he was asked about how he thought he played Poitras agreed with his head coach but knows he will continue to improve. Poitras admits that jet lag was a factor in his performance.

"Legs didn't feel great, but just keep building," said Poitras.

Head coach Letang admitted that the other players took 2-3 days to recover from their jet lag. This likely means that the team can expect a much better Matthew Poitras by the time the tournament begins.

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Bruins Star Rookie Already Getting Called Out By Canadian Head Coach At World Juniors

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