Future Hall Of Famer Patrice Bergeron saluting the Boston Bruins crowd
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MAJOR: The Return Of Patrice Bergeron Is Heating Up

Published January 17, 2024 at 3:28 PM

Speculation is buzzing about the potential return of Patrice Bergeron to the Boston Bruins for a final playoff push, and there's some intriguing reasoning behind it.

Patrice Bergeron Coming Out Of Retirement Is Gaining Steam

The rumor mill started churning after Bergeron, the former Bruins captain and a top-five Bruin of all time, was recently spotted skating. While he claimed it was to stay in shape for alumni games, the podcast hosts noted that he doesn't need such preparation given his exceptional fitness, having retired just six months ago.

Despite initially dismissing the idea of coming out of retirement, Bergeron's "never say never" response has fueled the speculation. The unexpected success of the Bruins this season could be a motivating factor. Watching his former team dominate the league and secure first place in the Atlantic division might be making Bergeron contemplate a return for one more run at the Cup.

The notion is further fueled by the influence of his close friend Brad Marchand, who could be encouraging Bergeron to consider a comeback, given his exceptional skills that could elevate the team to serious Cup contention.

Financial motives seem less likely, as Bergeron doesn't necessarily need the money. If he were to return, it would likely be driven by a desire to chase one more championship with his old teammates.

Adding to the speculation, reports of Bergeron being spotted exiting the TD Garden at an unusual time have raised eyebrows and added fuel to the rumor mill.

While it's undoubtedly a stretch, the idea of Bergeron returning to the Bruins is not entirely implausible, and fans are left wondering if this fan-favorite might indeed make a surprise comeback this year.

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MAJOR: The Return Of Patrice Bergeron Is Heating Up

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