Subban Roasts Marchand After Getting Crushed By Dahlin

Published November 15, 2023 at 4:43 PM

Last night, Brad Marchand was crushed by Sabres star defenseman Rasmus Dahlin, and after the hit, all hell broke loose in a game that was won in dominant fashion by Boston.

P.K. Subban takes a shot at the Bruins captain


The day after however, it appears that a former rival of Marchand and the Bruins was a big fan of the hit, as P.K. Subban posted this on social media.

Love it!

It comes as no surprise that even former players can't stand Marchand given his antics on the ice, but given the reaction of his teammates, it's clear that he's very well respected.

These two have collided in a big way before

Way back in 2010, Subban demolished Marchand while the retired defenseman was playing for the Montreal Canadiens, and whether it's hatred or simple joy from seeing Marchand in a similar spot, it's a hilarious shot from the veteran.

Given his antics on the ice, this isn't the only time the Bruins captain has been hit before and it won't be the last, but given his toughness, it's safe to say that nothing will stop him from his antics.

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Subban Roasts Marchand After Getting Crushed By Dahlin

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