Connor Bedard Caught Refusing to Sign a Little Kid's Jersey

Published October 17, 2023 at 3:47 PM

In a hilarious video going viral, Connor Bedard gives a kid a hard time for asking him to sign a Montreal Canadiens Jersey.

Bedard Refuses to Sign Montreal Canadiens Jersey for Kid

Connor Bedard has been hyped by the media since he was drafted, and that hype has resulted in young fans looking for every opportunity to get his autograph. Bedard is no stranger to this and has been seen taking his time after practice and training camp to sign autographs for fans.

Good guy Connor Bedard making time to sign autographs for the kids post-game. #Blackhawks

You've heard this before, but practice has been long over with. Connor Bedard is hanging around as young fans shower him with things to sign.


However, in one hilarious video circulating online, Bedard can be heard telling a fan that he can't sign their Montreal Canadiens Jersey. The comment got some laughs from other fans in attendance.

"Oh, I can't do a Habs Jersey" - Bedard after being asked for an autograph

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Bedard Under Pressure from Fans and Media to Perform

Despite all the pressure that Bedard is getting and the insane amount of attention, he is performing quite well to start the season, recording 3 points in 4 games and netting his first career goal. It's more than likely that Bedard will continue to improve as the attention dies down.

«It can be a little much for him at times. He doesn't say that, but it feels like it is.»

Taylor Hall believes the media attention surrounding his teammate Connor Bedard is a little much.

The first goal of Connor Bedard's career 🔥

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Connor Bedard Caught Refusing to Sign a Little Kid's Jersey

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