Connor Bedard's Fate For This Season Has Been Decided By Blackhawks

Published November 4, 2023 at 8:54 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks' Decision on Connor Bedard

The recent actions by the Chicago Blackhawks have clarified Connor Bedard's status for the current season.

Implications of Bedard's Tenth Game

As the Blackhawks prepare to face off with the Florida Panthers tonight, the spotlight falls on the rookies, particularly since it's the team's 10th game of the season.

Reaching this milestone signifies that rookies who have been on the ice for all previous games will see the activation of their entry-level contracts.

Connor Bedard and Kevin Korchinski both play their 10th game tonight in Chicago, officially triggering the first year of their entry-level contracts.


The opportunity for Bedard or Korchinski to delay the start of their contract until the next season would have been possible if they were benched for tonight's game.

Despite the possibility, it was unlikely, as evidenced by past decisions with other players like Shane Wright the previous season.

Bedard's Early Season Performance

Bedard's solid performance is the primary reason he is remaining with the Blackhawks for the rest of the year. His impressive statistics of scoring four goals and adding two assists in just nine games made it a straightforward decision.

His contract is set to conclude in 2026, and based on his current trajectory, Bedard will be in a strong position to negotiate a significant salary increase once his initial NHL contract comes to an end.

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Connor Bedard's Fate For This Season Has Been Decided By Blackhawks

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