Steve Dangle Unleashes Fury on Wes McCauley

Published November 4, 2023 at 7:54 PM

Another NHL season is well under way. You know what that means right? More blown calls and terrible officiating. Also, more fans complaining about said officiating. One hockey fan that has developed quite the following for his passionate online rants is Steve Glynn, better known as Steve Dangle, co-founder of the Steve Dangle Podcast Network. He has some thoughts for one NHL official in particular, none other than Wes McCauley.

McCauley Screws Up Call Against Leafs

Steve went after McCauley following a Leafs game that was officiated by the veteran referee. So far no surprises. The play that got Mr. Dangle so upset was one where Brad Marchand appeared to do a 'can opener' move on Leafs defenseman Timothy Liljegren. We later found out that Liljegren suffered a high ankle sprain on the play. Surely there was at least a minor penalty called right? Well if that was the case we wouldn't be here, would we? Here is the play in question, in case you missed it.

Dangle Blows Up On McCauley

The play inspired Steve to go on one of his famous rants. This one was quite the production effort as he even made a cake to celebrate McCauley's imaginary retirement.

It might be a bit much to claim Liljegren's career will be permanently impacted by a high ankle sprain, but that information had not come out at the time this was recorded so we'll give him a pass. Many fans thought the injury was worse than a sprain after he did not return to the game.

Either way, this is not the first time McCauley has been involved in a controversial play. While being a professional sports ref is certainly a thankless job, it is fair to say that he should be doing a better job. The best league in the world requires the best officials in the world and at this point it seems like McCauley might not be one of them.
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Steve Dangle Unleashes Fury on Wes McCauley

Should Wes McCauley face disciplinary action from the league for missing calls like this?

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