Hot Mic Reveals Connor Bedard's Crazy Thoughts On Sidney Crosby

Published October 14, 2023 at 4:52 PM

Connor Bedard had a tough assignment in his NHL debut lining up against Sidney Crosby. During the game, a hot mic picked up some chatter from Bedard about his Hall of Fame opponent.

Bedard Struggles In The Faceoff Circle


In his debut, Connor Bedard ended the game with an assist and a win for his team. The game wasn't all easy for the young phenom as he struggled heavily in the faceoff circle.

His struggles came in large part due to his matchup with Sidney Crosby. Crosby has been known around the league for his elite faceoff skill among many more things. This was on full display for Bedard who ended the night 2 for 13 in the faceoff circle. On the other side, Crosby was an impressive 15 for 24.

The lopsided nature of the faceoffs led to a crazy comment from Bedard through a hot mic.

Hot Mic Reveals Crazy Comment From Bedard

In a conversation with the referee for the game Connor Bedard was caught on the microphone talking with the referee about Sidney Crosby.

"- Bedard: I'm yet to win a draw.

- Ref: Is that true?

- Bedard: I think I tied like five, but...

- Ref: Really tough when you're going against 87, though.

- Bedard: He's sick at draws.

- Ref: Pretty special though, isn't it?

- Bedard: Yeah.

- Ref: Congratulations you're gonna have a hell of a career.

- Bedard: Thanks."

Bedard was clearly frustrated with his performance on faceoffs. The referee took the time to reassure Bedard and remind him of the caliber of player he was up against. For Bedard, the game was a good mix of success with an element of humbling as to how difficult the NHL can be.

Bedard is destined to be a start in the NHL sooner rather than later. As an 18-year-old in the NHL if the biggest thing you're worried about working on is faceoffs you're doing pretty well. Bedard will be back in action tonight against the Montreal Canadiens.

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Hot Mic Reveals Connor Bedard's Crazy Thoughts On Sidney Crosby

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