Paul Bissonnette Unleashes Fury On The Corey Perry Situation

Published December 7, 2023 at 11:40

Paul Bissonnette just let everyone know his thoughts on the Corey Perry situation, and he is not happy with how everything went down involving Connor Bedard.

Bissonnette Rips Apart Fans For Spreading False Rumors About Perry Situation

Paul Bissonnette is a voice for the players, and recently he used his voice to stick up for the league's youngest superstar Connor Bedard. Bissonnette took to his podcast to rip apart fans who spread disgusting rumors about the Perry incident.

I was very let down with all these f***ing idiots on Twitter. Now, most of you would be like, 'What do you expect from these f***ing idiots out there all the time, just trying to stir it up?' And I was f***ing disgusted by what happened.

Biz raises a good point, that while you can't expect much from people on twitter, you can call it out when something like this happens. He also noted how well Bedard handled the whole situation considering how young he is.

This is this guy's personal life. So, as far as Connor Bedard handled it, and the way that his f***ing family had to deal with this, like he handled it with ultra class. And they've obviously raised a very intelligent kid, and a kid that couldn't have handled himself more appropriately during this f***ing bullsh*it time that he had to deal with.

Bedard Continues to Impress on The Ice Like a True Professional

One thing is for sure coming out of this situation and that is Connor Bedard is poised to be an NHL superstar and face of the league for years to come. Despite dealing with all of these unnecessary rumors off the ice, he has been able to put them to the side and continue to perform on the ice.

Since 2010, Connor Bedard has played with the second worst supporting cast of any first overall pick. And the toughest opponents.
Breaking down his extreme early usage:

Connor Bedard has five more points than the next closest NHL rookie, which is pretty impressive.

What's wild is Bedard also has seven more points than his next closest Blackhawks teammate.

Surround this kid with talent and he'll score a billion points.

Connor Bedard scores his first NHL shootout goal, and it's a BEAUTY!

Hopefully, this is the end of the scandal for the Chicago Blackhawks, and they can get back to rebuilding their organization from the ground up, with Bedard at the helm.

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Paul Bissonnette Unleashes Fury On The Corey Perry Situation

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