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Wayne Gretzky Voices Out Regarding Connor Bedard's Lacrosse Move

Published December 26, 2023 at 8:36 PM
This season has been filled with exciting moments for hockey fans and one we will never forget will be one of rookie sensation Connor Bedard.

Rookie Connor Bedard Scores His First NHL Lacrosse Goal

In the first period of the game between the Blackhawks and the Blues, Connor Bedard scored a beautiful lacrosse goal shocking the hockey world.

In just 33 NHL games, Bedard has already notched an impressive 13 goals and 30 points. With the hockey world keeping a close watch, Wayne Gretzky has weighed in on Bedard's remarkable goal scoring prowess.

Gretzky Shares His Thoughts On The Lacrosse Move

Gretzky has expressed admiration for Bedard's performance. The #1 overall pick for the Blackhawks in the 2023 NHL Draft has impressed many including the great number 99.

"He's been fun to watch," Gretzky said. " He's been better than we probably anticipated. He's been not only an ambassador on the ice, he's been tremendous off the ice for an 18-year-old young man. I'm happy for him. He's got the right coach in Luke Richardson, the right organization."

It's crazy to think that Gretzky, known for orchestrating plays from behind the net, has not been able to execute the move himself.

He explains why:

"I couldn't do what he did tonight," Gretzky said on the Blues' broadcast during their game against Bedard's Chicago Blackhawks. "That just wasn't in my repertoire. I didn't have the right kind of curve. Hully (Brett Hull) could do it. I could never do what he did tonight. It was fun to watch. My daughter Emma's with me and she goes 'dad did you ever do that?' and I said 'no, I could never do that.'"

Bedard is looking like the future of the NHL and the more he pulls off moves like this, the closer he gets to holding the title of the most skilled player in the NHL.
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Wayne Gretzky Voices Out Regarding Connor Bedard's Lacrosse Move

Will Connor Bedard ever score 70+ goals in a season?

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