Dubois Shares The Heartwarming Reason He Changed His Number

Published September 24, 2023 at 1:20 PM

Pierre-Luc Dubois changed his jersey number in Winnipeg from 13 to 80, and the reason behind this switch is quite touching.

The Evolution of Dubois' Jersey Numbers

Throughout his NHL career, Dubois wore three different jersey numbers: 18, 13, and 80. He started with 18 in Columbus, a typical number for forwards. When he moved to Winnipeg, he chose 13, which is also a common number for forwards across teams.

However, he surprised everyone by switching to 80. At first, this unusual choice left fans wondering, but now we understand the sentimental reason behind it.

A Heartwarming Tribute

Dubois changed to number 80 in memory of Matiss Kivlenieks, a former teammate who tragically passed away in 2021. Dubois had a friendship with Kivlenieks and was there to witness his impressive debut performance.

Dubois explained:

For Matiss, who passed away in Columbus. You know, I was there for his first game, first win. That game at MSG was unbelievable. He was outstanding. You felt like he was going to be a good goalie in this league. And, you know, when he passed away, I remember I went for dinner with one of the trainers and I told him, I'd like to wear number 80, and he was like, we'll do it.

Just text your equipment guy in Winnipeg and ask him. I asked the family first if I could. I didn't know if that was something that they wanted to kind of retire, and they said, that would be great. He'd be happy. And how I saw it was I wanted to keep his legacy going because his career got cut short.

Absolutely. Yeah. When I imagined in my head it was, if I ever win the Stanley Cup, it'll be my last name, but it'll be his number. And that's kind of what made me decide that I wanted to have number 80.

A Touching Gesture

The loss of Matiss Kivlenieks deeply affected the hockey world. His heroic act of saving a teammate's life added to his legacy.

Pierre-Luc Dubois' decision to honor Kivlenieks with his jersey number is a beautiful tribute to a remarkable person. It ensures that Kivlenieks' memory will always have a special place in the world of hockey.

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Dubois Shares The Heartwarming Reason He Changed His Number

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