Justin Holl Fires Another Shot at His Former Team

Published October 31, 2023 at 1:54 PM

Justin Holl just took another subtle shot at his former team in a recent interview discussing his trade from Toronto.

Holl Says He Feels Valued in New City

Just Holl left Toronto this past offseason after a difficult postseason with the Leafs. He was widely criticized for his play during the Florida and Tampa series, where he didn't excel as normal.

Justin Holl will be missed. #LeafsForever

Holl recently discussed his move from Toronto and how he felt about leaving the City. He opened up about moving on from the Leafs in what he thinks is the next step in his career.

"I have no qualms about moving on, but I was really grateful for my time in Toronto. That being said, this is just what was next in my path to development I think and how the contract situation works out and everything like that, I'm grateful to be in a place that I'm valued and I'm just ready to keep moving."

While this isn't a direct shot at the Leafs and Leaf fans, it wouldn't be unreasonable for Holl to have felt undervalued by the City.

Holl Off To Hot Start in Detroit

Holl is off to an amazing start in Detroit, playing exactly the game he needs too. Not a flashy, points-scoring one, but a stay-at-home, PK, physical defensive game that he has excelled at during his career.

Justin Holl in his first 5 games for Detroit:

> 3 Assists for 3 Points (T-2nd among Detroit D)
> Detroit outscoring opps 10-1 at EV with Holl on the ice
> 4 Blocked Shots
> 2.88 5v5 xGF/60 (7th on Detroit)
> 1.88 5v5 xGA/60 (4th on Detroit)

Like we all expected right? 🥴

Hopefully, Holl will stay consistent in his performance as the year goes on for Detroit.

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Justin Holl Fires Another Shot at His Former Team

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