The Truth Behind The Fight At Red Wings Practice Has Been Unveiled

Samer Dagher
March 13, 2024  (9:36 PM)

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A video captured by Jeanna Trotman of WXYZ Detroit went viral on Wednesday, showing frustration boiling over during the Red Wings practice. Teammates Ben Chiarot and Lucas Raymond got into a scuffle following the team's 7-3 loss to the Buffalo Sabres, which marked their sixth consecutive loss and knocked them out of playoff contention.

Players And Coach Address The Media Following Practice

Veteran forward David Perron expressed contentment with how the altercation unfolded, seeing it as a positive sign of players wanting to address issues.
«I think that's great to see, Perron bluntly said. «Guys want to have solutions, we want to be part of it and I'm excited for tomorrow.»

Similarly, Patrick Kane viewed the altercation as a potentially positive outlet for the team's frustrations, emphasizing the importance of channeling that energy in the right direction.
«I don't think it's a bad thing,» Kane said. «I'd be more worried if we were walking around here all smiles, happy and everything's okay. I think it's good to get a little frustrated as long as you harness it in the right way.

«Frustration can create a lot of positive energy as well, whether it's practicing like you play, or just playing harder tomorrow.»

Reflecting on the team's recent struggles, Perron acknowledged that they may have been relying too heavily on outscoring opponents rather than addressing underlying issues.
«I think at times during the last six-game winning streak, we weren't playing as good as it seemed,» he said. «Everyone was pumping us up, and I had some conversations with people — coaches, others, players.

«I just felt like we were outscoring our problems, and at one point, it was going to turn around and bite us a little bit, and it did. It's just the reversal of it right now.»

He drew from past experiences with Hockey Hall of Famer Ken Hitchcock, who emphasized the need to correct undeserved results.
«That's exactly what's happening right now,» Perron said. «I just couldn't help driving in this morning to kind of have his voice in my ear again, think about that. At the same time, it's an exciting challenge to come to the rink and find a way to turn it around.»

Looking ahead, Perron sees the altercation as a potential turning point for the Red Wings as they aim to reverse their fortunes with 17 games remaining in the season. Both Chiarot and Raymond will need to step up their performance, especially amidst the losing streak.
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The Truth Behind The Fight At Red Wings Practice Has Been Unveiled

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