BREAKING: Edmonton Oilers Fans Highly Concerned As Mcdavid's Bench Moment Goes Viral

Published November 22, 2023 at 10:38 PM

There's a high level of concern in Edmonton. Frustration has reached extreme levels and it's starting to show on the player's faces.

It's Not Looking Good For The Oilers

Describing the Oilers' season as disappointing would be an understatement. Currently, Edmonton holds a 5-11-1 record, placing them at the 30th spot in the league—an unexpected turn of events given that many had considered the Oilers as potential cup favorites before the season commenced.

The situation further deteriorated on Wednesday night against Carolina, with multiple clips showcasing McDavid's frustration going viral on Twitter.

Has McDavid's Time With The Edmonton Oilers Come To An End?

McDavid's current season has been underwhelming on an individual level, especially when compared to his outstanding performances in previous years. The Oilers have encountered various challenges, with the abrupt dismissal of Coach Jay Woodcroft and the demotion of Jack Campbell to the AHL being particularly noteworthy.

Speculation is rife among online fans that McDavid may be looking to leave Edmonton, fueling rumors of potential trades. While the notion of a trade involving McDavid may seem far-fetched, unexpected developments are not unheard of in the hockey world. What is evident, however, is the growing frustration of two of the sport's premier players as issues persist in Edmonton.

It will be interesting to see how long they can endure this because clearly this can't be ongoing and something's got to give.

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BREAKING: Edmonton Oilers Fans Highly Concerned As Mcdavid's Bench Moment Goes Viral

Will Mcdavid or/and Draisaitl finish the season with the Oilers?

Both will stay21048.3 %
Both will get traded9622.1 %
Mcdavid traded6615.2 %
Draisaitl traded6314.5 %
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