Footage Reveals Head Coach Admitting His Impending Firing

Published November 10, 2023 at 12:01

Edmonton Oilers Suffer Defeat Against San Jose Sharks, Raising Speculation About Jay Woodcroft's Future


The Edmonton Oilers' season continues to spiral downward as they faced another tough loss, this time against the San Jose Sharks.

Edmonton's record now stands at 2-9-1, and should they fail to secure a victory in their next game, they will find themselves tied for the 32nd position in the NHL.

With these concerning developments, it's widely expected that organizational changes are on the horizon, with head coach Jay Woodcroft being top candidate to be the next one to go.

After the game, Woodcroft was captured on camera walking back to the locker room, wearing a visibly disheartened expression, seemingly coming to terms with the grim situation.

As Jay Woodcroft and Dave Manson walk off the ice after the Oilers' loss to San Jose, Woodcroft appears to say "That might be it" to Manson, who appears to respond with "yup."


Possible Coaching Change on the Horizon in Edmonton?

It's inconcevable to have two of the world's best players and still be at the bottom the the NHL's standings.

Woodcroft, who undeniably bears a share of responsibility for the team's struggles, has become the target of widespread criticism.

Many voices are calling for his firing, even with two years remaining on his contract.

Fortunately, there are several highly qualified candidates who could potentially step in and rejuvenate the Edmonton Oilers. Names like Gerard Gallant, Claude Julien, or Patrick Roy are being considered to turn the team's fortunes around.

Stay tuned for further updates and details as this situation develops.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Caught on Camera: Edmonton Oilers Head Coach Emotionally Accepts His Fate After Crushing Loss to the San Jose Sharks
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Footage Reveals Head Coach Admitting His Impending Firing

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