Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane and Corey Perry arguing
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Corey Perry addresses the media after snapping on Evander Kane

Published April 8, 2024 at 3:44 PM

The Edmonton Oilers, although talented on paper, are facing potential locker room issues following another argument involving Evander Kane and Corey Perry on the bench.

Just a week after Kane was seen arguing with Leon Draisaitl on the bench, another altercation occurred, this time with Corey Perry, during their recent victory over the Flames. The heated exchange, captured by cameras, has sparked concerns, especially amid rumors of off-ice issues involving Kane.

However, veteran player Perry addressed the situation on Monday, emphasizing that conflicts are normal in competitive environments. He stated that both players took responsibility, apologized to each other, and moved on from the incident.

«It happens. Brothers fight and argue. We are trying to make each other better. We talked about it after, apologize and move on. It happens in the room often, it just happened that the camera showed it,» Perry on interaction with Kane.

While disagreements are common in teams striving for excellence, Kane's history raises some concerns. Nevertheless, if they can set aside their differences and focus on their pursuit of a Stanley Cup, the Oilers could prove to be formidable opponents in the playoffs.

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Corey Perry breaks his silence behind his rage towards Evander Kane
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Corey Perry addresses the media after snapping on Evander Kane

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