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Kevin Bieksa reveals why Corey Perry snapped on Evander Kane

Published April 8, 2024 at 12:01

During Saturday night's game in Edmonton, fans were surprised to witness apparent tension between two prominent forwards of the Edmonton Oilers, Corey Perry and Evander Kane.

The incident raised questions about what could have triggered Perry's outburst, especially considering it was directed at his own teammate. While the exact cause remains uncertain, former NHL player Kevin Bieksa offered some insight.

Bieksa, Perry's former teammate, noted that such behavior from Perry was unusual. He pointed out that Perry rarely displays such intensity towards teammates and typically keeps to himself.

"I can tell you from playing with Perry, he doesn't do this very often," revealed Bieksa. "He doesn't yell at teammates, he doesn't get this fired up on the bench, he's usually in his own little world."

Bieksa then analyzed the footage, highlighting a significant giveaway by Kane in the offensive zone just before Perry's outburst. According to Bieksa, Kane's errant pass may have frustrated Perry, as it resulted in a turnover to the opposing team.

"This is Kane kind of a hope pass to nobody there," said Bieksa of the giveaway. "I'm thinking he's saying 'Hey keep this puck down low, there's nobody there, you don't need to throw it away and give the puck to Calgary.'"

This incident sheds light on the dynamics between the players and highlights the intensity of NHL competition.

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Kevin Bieksa explains why Corey Perry snapped on Evander Kane.
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Kevin Bieksa reveals why Corey Perry snapped on Evander Kane

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