Darren Dreger Drops A Massive Update On Leon Draisaitl And His Future In Edmonton

Tom Banks
March 22, 2024  (7:56 PM)

Edmonton Oilers star Leon Draisaitl with teammate Connor McDaivd.
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Speculation has been running rampant for years about Leon Draisaitl's future in Edmonton, and now Darren Dreger has dropped a bombshell.

Statistically, the pairing of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl has worked wonders for the Edmonton Oilers, but they're yet to find any playoff success, and it could mean the end of the duo. Plenty of people around Edmonton have expressed optimism around keeping Leon Draisaitl as an Oiler, but with the money that he could command in free agency, it's nowhere close to a done deal.
The 28-year old has been an absolute star for the Edmonton Oilers, tallying 834 goals in 705 games for the team over the past nine seasons, with one insider revealing his future may lay elsewhere.
Darren Dreger doesn't think Draisaitl will sign right away on July 1st in Edmonton.

«I think this could be fascinating to see how it plays out and drags on» 🤔 🤔

This is just pure speculation on the part of Darren Dreger, but given the relationship between the two sides, if an extension was in the works, you would expect it to happen immediately. If not, like Dreger speculates, it could mean trouble for the Oilers star pairing.
If the team can win a Stanley Cup together, things will obviously change, but Draisaitl will be one of the NHL's most sought after free agents, and no one could blame him for leaving the Oilers if they don't find that success.
When asked about his future in Edmonton, Draisaitl gave a typical hockey answer, but in doing so, made many Oilers fans extremely nervous about his future.
«That's the way I'm wired. I care a lot. Of course, I want to finish the job. And I want to finish it here. But there are lots of things that go into it. Lots of things that play a role in these situations. And at the end of the day, I'm going to give you the boring answer again: We'll see»

While we all want to know where he and McDavid will end up when they hit free agency, only time will tell, and the Oilers playoff performance this season could be very important to that future.
Source: Darren Dreger Predicts Difficulty For Oilers To Sign Leon Draisaitl
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Darren Dreger Drops A Massive Update On Leon Draisaitl And His Future In Edmonton

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