Rangers' Recent Move Indicates Jonathan Quick May Be Done in the NHL

Published October 3, 2023 at 1:40 PM

Is Jonathan Quick's NHL Tenure Concluding?

The curtain may be closing on an era of hockey, one principally shaped by iconic goalkeepers like Jonathan Quick, Carey Price, and Henrik Lundqvist. With Quick's trio of Stanley Cups heralding a distinct period, the closure of this chapter seems imminent.

Upon accepting a one-year contract with New York during the off-season, the signs of Quick being supplanted have emerged. This could symbolize a potential finale to his illustrious career.

As the Rangers finalize their opening night roster, an unexpected maneuver has been executed. The summoning of goalie prospect Dylan Garand to the competition underscores the intensifying battle to secure the position as Igor Shesterkin's understudy.

The stage is set: if Garand can overshadow Quick, whose recent performances have arguably been less than stellar, this might signal the end.

Jonathan Quick's 753 NHL appearances, a mere 10 of which were not with the LA Kings, will forever remain a notable statistic in hockey history. Should this mark his retirement, a return to Arena to see his achievements honored overhead is likely.

As reported by HockeyFeed - Is Quick's NHL Career Coming to an End?
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Rangers' Recent Move Indicates Jonathan Quick May Be Done in the NHL

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