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BREAKING: NHL Currently Investigating Hall Of Fame General Manager

Published December 14, 2023 at 10:00 PM

Fans of the Minnesota Wild got a rude surprise today when they found out that general manager Bill Guerin has been the subject of an investigation over the past few weeks.

Guerin Investigated For Workplace Behavior By Independent Investigators

The Wild GM was apparently accused of verbal abuse in a work environment. While few details about the investigation have been revealed, the name of the team employee who made the accusations against Guerin has been made public.

"The employee who filed the complaint, according to team sources, is Andrew Heydt, the Wild's director of team operations and player relations. Heydt has been in that position for 10 years and oversees team travel, logistics, and player and alumni relations."- Michael Russo The Athletic

It seems odd that this information would be made public as it is bound to create tensions within the Wild organization as well as outside pressure from fans, who are bound to ask questions.

Wild Keeping Guerin Investigation Details Secret

No other significant details about the incident have been revealed other than the fact that the investigation was looking into allegations of verbal abuse.

"Bill Guerin, the Minnesota Wild's president of hockey operations and general manager, has been the focus of an investigation following a human resources complaint by an employee who alleged verbal abuse in the workplace, five team and league sources have confirmed to The Athletic."

The team has confirmed that the investigation is over and that it was deemed that Guerin had not committed a fireable offense. This does imply that something untoward did happen, but that it was not a significant enough issue to warrant Guerin losing his job. Apparently, the NHL front office agrees with this assessment as they have been briefed on the investigation.

"NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told The Athletic that he and commissioner Gary Bettman have been briefed on the investigations and are satisfied with the resolutions."

The full story can be seen on the Athletic.

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BREAKING: NHL Currently Investigating Hall Of Fame General Manager

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