NHL Insider Says Veteran GM's Days Are Numbered

Published October 11, 2023 at 2:24 PM


Over the past few seasons, the New York Islanders have consistently made it to the NHL playoffs, largely credited to general manager Lou Lamoriello and his roster decisions. However, rumors swirl about his impending retirement. As part of the "32 Bold Predictions" series, NHL insider Frank Seravalli predicted that Lamoriello, who has a career spanning 35 years and has won three Stanley Cups, would retire after the current season.

"After 35 years and three Stanley Cups, this will be Lou Lamoriello's last season as an NHL general manager. The NHL's only octogenarian GM, sharp as ever, will celebrate his 81st birthday on Oct. 21. But the New York Islanders will fall short of the playoffs this season and after doubling and tripling down on this roster, change is inevitable."

How Old Is Too Old?

Despite being sharp-minded, Lou will turn 81 on October 21st. Seravalli's prediction also hints at the Islanders missing the playoffs this season, suggesting that a change is forthcoming. This prediction isn't based on concrete information but given Lamoriello's age, it seems a plausible outcome.

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Lasting Legacy

Looking forward, while Lamoriello's tenure as the general manager might be winding down, his influence on the team will endure. Key decisions he made include extending contracts for Scott Mayfield, Pierre Engvall, and Semyon Varlamov. Other notable players like Mathew Barzal, Ryan Pulock, and Bo Horvat have also secured their long-term place with the team. These extensions evoke mixed reactions: some fans applaud the moves, foreseeing stability, while others feel Lamoriello may have compromised the Islanders' future prospects.

How did Lou Lamoriello not win the "don't tell anyone your roster" competition. It almost seems like it should be named after him given most of his antics.

Ultimately, the success of these decisions will be gauged by the team's performance. If the Islanders clinch a Stanley Cup in the future, even post-Lamoriello's era, his legacy will be celebrated. Conversely, if the team underperforms, questions may arise about Lamoriello's long-lasting decisions and their impact on the team's fortune.

This is Lou Lamoriello we are talking about. Of course you are right. The highlight will either be him announcing his retirement or him announcing his own extension. Everything else will be meaningless vague platitudes

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NHL Insider Says Veteran GM's Days Are Numbered

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