Philadelphia Flyers no-goal call against the Washington Capitals
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NHL explains controversial no-goal call that cost Flyers the playoffs

Published April 18, 2024 at 4:00 PM

The NHL has issued a statement regarding a controversial no-goal call in the recent Philadelphia Flyers game, one that potentially cost them a playoff spot.

Mistakes are inevitable in sports, but it's particularly disheartening when officials make errors that impact the outcome of a game, as was the case here. Despite video review, the call stood, denying the Flyers what appeared to be a legitimate goal.

Kelly Sutherland thought Lindgren had control of the puck, but it was in the air and went into the net 😳

The play was determined to not be continuous, and therefore not a goal 👀

This decision drew immediate criticism from fans and across the league, given the significance of the game for postseason standings.

You simply can't F that up with a playoff spot on the line in these games

The NHL's statement after the game failed to provide satisfactory accountability, further frustrating fans. The league attributed the call to the referee losing sight of the puck and blowing the whistle before it entered the net.

The Referee informed the Situation Room he blew his whistle to stop play when he lost sight of the puck, before it entered the Washington net.

This incident underscores the need for greater accountability from officials to maintain trust in the league. Criticism of officiating by players, coaches, and the league itself could help promote this accountability.

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NHL explains controversial no-goal call that cost Flyers the playoffs

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