Insider Links Pittsburgh Penguins Superstar Sidney Crosby To Two Potential Destinations

Published December 10, 2023 at 7:37 PM

Sidney Crosby's Potential Departure from the Pittsburgh Penguins

The association of Sidney Crosby with the Pittsburgh Penguins is deep leading the team to three Stanley Cups since being drafted first overall in 2005. Despite facing injury setbacks during his prime, Crosby is widely regarded as the premier player of his generation. The 36 year old still to this date continues to deliver elite performances. He's on pace for over 47 goals and 80 points this season.

With one year remaining on his contract after the season ends, there are some rumors that Crosby might consider leaving the Penguins especially since it's not going so well for Pittsburgh early on this season.

The Potential Destinations Are The Montreal Canadiens and The Colorado Avalanche

Picturing the great Sidney Crosby in another uniform then the Penguins is odd but the possibilities are being discussed. Montreal emerges as a potential destination as they were Crosby's favorite team growing up and is close to his hometown. If he were to sign with them, he would likely play there for a year and then retire close to home.


Another team in the mix is the Colorado Avalanche mainly because of the connection with Nathan MacKinnon. Both Crosby and MacKinnon share roots in the same area and followed similar paths to the NHL. It's scary to imagine Crosby joining forces with MacKinnon along with Mikko Rantanen, Cale Makar and others.

With that being said it might take some time before we witness Crosby in a different jersey. The speculation about his potential departure from Pittsburgh will linger until a new contract is signed with the Penguins and will depend on how the team will finish off the season.
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Insider Links Pittsburgh Penguins Superstar Sidney Crosby To Two Potential Destinations

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