NHL Changes Rules to Fix Massive Mistake in Seattle

Published October 22, 2023 at 3:15 PM

In a crazy situation last night, the NHL was forced to change its rules in order to fix a mistake happening in the Seattle-Rangers game last night.

NHL Changes Rules to Accommodate for Lighting Issue in Seattle

Last night, the Rangers headed to Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena for a Saturday night game. However, before the game started, a major screw up in the arena had occurred, leaving the lights at one end of the rink much dimmer than the other end.

Of course, this wouldn't be fair to play a traditional three periods in, as the dimmer end is more difficult for goalies, so the NHL decided to switch ends every 10 minutes to make it fair.

Sam Rosen breaks down the lighting issues in Seattle - @NYRangers and
@SeattleKraken are going to switch ends at the 10 minute mark of each period 👀

Akward Situation Gives Advantage to Goal Scorers like Panarin

The weird and unique situation was actually fun for some players like Artemi Panarin, who explained to the media that he enjoyed playing in the darker side of the arena since it was easier to score. He credited his two goals to the darkness.

"For me, I want it darker, so it's harder for goalies. That's why I scored two," said Panarin after the game on Saturday.

While every arena goes through its hiccups, hopefully, the lights can stay on in Seattle for the rest of the year.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "NHL forced to bend its own rules after screw up in Seattle."
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NHL Changes Rules to Fix Massive Mistake in Seattle

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