1 for 1 trade proposal emerges for Mitch Marner and the Maple Leafs

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 1, 2024  (4:22 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs' Mitch Marner.
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The offseason hasn't officially begun, but Toronto Maple Leafs fans are buzzing with speculation about potential roster changes, particularly concerning star forward Mitch Marner.

Trade speculation surrounds Mitch Marner

There is perhaps no fan base more energized in this regard than that of the Toronto Maple Leafs, with significant changes to the roster expected this summer for the first time in many years. At the forefront of that is Maple Leafs star forward Mitch Marner, with serious questions about whether or not Marner has already played his last game as a member of the Maple Leafs.
There has as a result been a great deal of trade speculation surrounding Marner, and on Friday NHL insider Frank Seravalli shared his thoughts on where he feels is a likely destination for Marner to land in.
"One team that makes a ton of sense for me and Mitch Marner... the Chicago Blackhawks," said Seravalli on the Big Show. "Mitch Marner and Connor Bedard."

Potential return for the Maple Leafs

The question of course is what would a return look like for the Toronto Maple Leafs in this scenario? Seravalli had an answer for that as well, suggesting that the Maple Leafs could solicit help on the blue line from the Blackhawks.
"Does Seth Jones interest you at all?" asked Seravalli when asked about a return for Marner.

Seravalli went a step further and suggested that the deal could even be a 1 for 1 trade, with both players dealt for one another straight up.
"Mitch Marner for Seth Jones who says no?" asked Seravalli.

Seth Jones' contract and performance concerns

Jones has been a much-maligned player for both his struggles on the ice as well as due to the massive contract he currently has. Jones is currently only in the 3rd year of an 8-year deal that carries an average annual value and cap hit of $9.5 million per season. On top of that, his deal also comes with a full no-movement clause, which would make moving him later a big problem, and it is heavily loaded with signing bonuses which would also complicate any potential future buyouts.
In spite of these concerns surrounding Jones, Seravalli appears to believe this is a no-brainer.
"I think, regardless of whatever you think of the contract, he's still a number one defenseman and he's way better than anything else they've got," said Seravalli. "And technically cap-wise you would be saving almost 2 million bucks."

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1 for 1 trade proposal emerges for Mitch Marner and the Maple Leafs

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