Ilya Samsonov Opens Up On His Bad Start to the Year

Published October 20, 2023 at 6:20 PM

In a recent interview, Ilya Samsonov opened up about his slow start to the year, and how he feels after the last game.

Samsonov Says He Thinks Game Is Going in the Right Direction But Didn't Feel Good About Panthers Game

It definitely hasn't been the start that Ilya Samsonov was hoping for after he went into arbitration this offseason. He took the blame for last night's 3-1 loss to the Panthers, even joking that he needed glasses.

"Ilya Samsonov: "Result is not too great today, but I feel my game a little bit better. Moving better"

Did he see the first goal?

"I didn't see first goal and second too. Maybe I need to buy some glasses." - Mark Masters, TSN

It is good that Samsonov is feeling better in the bigger picture regarding his health, however, this answer doesn't totally put Leaf fans at ease.

Sheldon Keefe Wants More From Samsonov as Well

Leafs Coach Sheldon Keefe was also disappointed in Samsonov's performance last night, noting that he would like to see some saves on the longer shots.

"Two goals come from distance. I'd like to see him find a way to get one of those for us, especially when the other guy at the other end is not giving you much"

As seen on Markerzone - "Ilya Samsonov Addresses His Dismal Performance Against Florida"
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Ilya Samsonov Opens Up On His Bad Start to the Year

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