Insider Drops A Bombshell On William Nylander Sending Shockwaves Through The Hockey World

Samer Dagher
December 26, 2023  (10:00 PM)

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According to recent reports, William Nylander's play this season could put the Maple Leafs in a very difficult position financially.

William Nylander's Contract Value Revealed By Insider Darren Dreger

Maple Leafs star forward William Nylander has been on an absolute tear. In 31 games, he's notched an impressive 16 goals and 45 points which is ranked 4th in the entire NHL.
Nylander's stellar performance is undeniably showcasing him as one of the NHL's elite players, setting the stage for a substantial salary increase in the upcoming offseason. Insider Darren Dreger recently shared insights into what Nylander might command in contract negotiations, and it doesn't bode well for Leafs fans hoping to secure his services at a friendly discount.
"It's gotta be around $11M, right? If it's on an 8-year extension, maybe it's $11M flat or just under $11M. If it's less than 8 years, well then the AAV is probably going to go up a bit - and it also depends what Willy is going to be able to accomplish here in the next several weeks." - Darren Dreger

The Leafs currently have Mitch Marner and John Tavares in the $11 million range, while Auston Matthews earning close to $13 million. While the idea of paying Nylander $11 million might seem challenging, it's worth noting that he's currently outperforming three teammates in that price range.

The Analytics Back Up An $11 Million Price Tag For William Nylander

Advanced metrics play a significant role in today's NHL, and Nylander's stats don't lie ranking him among the best in the NHL.
"Look, I mean, just do the math. We've got analytics people... start crunching his numbers and productivity - and not just the overall goals and assists. Of course that matters, but you know what analytics can do. When you [hash] out his numbers, his numbers are up there with the big money guys, there's no question about that.

Whether the Leafs think it's fair or not, hey - individually, you deserve what you earn, and in this case, I think, given the fact that the cap is going up, the game is changed financially. William Nylander has definitely earned that [$11M AAV]." - Darren Dreger

All in all, to keep Nylander in the lineup, the Leafs will need to commit to a fourth contract exceeding $10 million annually in the upcoming offseason.
Whether they decide to go that route or note remains to be seen.
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Insider Drops A Bombshell On William Nylander Sending Shockwaves Through The Hockey World

Should the Leafs pay Nylander $11 million per year?

Sign him long term50736.7 %
Give him a short term deal23116.7 %
Trade him now48935.4 %
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