NHL Insider Frank Seravalli Provides Major Update On Blockbuster Trade Brewing Involving the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published November 8, 2023 at 12:16

Brad Treliving's start in Toronto did not unfold as anticipated. Fortunately for him, his team managed to secure a significant victory in their latest game, in a spectacular comeback.

Impressive Comeback Saves the Leafs' Start of the Season


The Maple Leafs had a turbulent start to the season. Their previous game appeared to be the breaking point, with the Lightning taking the lead and Ilya Samsonov being substituted after conceding four goals on a mere 12 shots. Fortunately, they did a miraculous comeback, an important win. Now, the team holds a modest 6-4-2 record, securing the 4th position in the Atlantic Division.

Although a victory in this game was not an absolute necessity, a fifth consecutive loss would have undoubtedly caused some anxiety within the Leafs organization.

The team has struggled to develop chemistry, and the newcomers have not integrated as well as it was anticipated.

NHL Insider Seravalli Provides Huge Development on a Potential Trade for the Toronto Maple Leafs


NHL insider Frank Seravalli reported today that the Leafs are unlikely to engage in any major trades in the immediate future.

One can only speculate whether such a decision would have been different had the team lost their last game.

"I don't think it's too early [to make a deal]. I think there's a select few teams that are sort of in the mood to mix things up. Obviously, the Calgary Flames and their defense corps... Tanev, Zadorov in addition to the obvious one in Hanifin. I think you've got some other teams that are reaching some desperation status, but I'm not entirely sold that the Leafs are there quite yet in terms of getting to the point that they want to mix things up.

These results that we've seen, to this point, are probably about as middling as they could be. I'd imagine, at some point, your forward group is going to click better than it has. You're going to get more consistency out of Marner and Matthews. You're going to see more from Bertuzzi at some point - how many stretches like this of 10 games in his career has the production been where it's been [in Toronto]? Probably not many.

I'd imagine there's probably a bit of a patient approach [in Toronto] in that you also don't want to try to wedge a square peg into a round hole."

Serravalli also provided fans with an update on the status of head coach Sheldon Keefe. As the team struggled to find their rhythm early in the season, some fans began speculating about his job security. It appears that, for the time being, his position is not in jeopardy, but Keefe is unlikely to feel completely secure until his team manages to continue its winning streak.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - NHL Insider Frank Seravalli has disappointing news to Maple Leafs fans Concerning an imminent major trade
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NHL Insider Frank Seravalli Provides Major Update On Blockbuster Trade Brewing Involving the Toronto Maple Leafs

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