Sheldon Keefe Confirms His Bench Rant Was Maily Directed Towards Tyler Bertuzzi

Published November 29, 2023 at 1:45 PM

Sheldon Keefe Goes Absolutely Bananas On The Bench And It's Mainly Directed At Tyler Bertuzzi

Last night's Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers game saw Sheldon Keefe visibly frustrated, especially after a challenging first period where the Leafs were outshot 15-7 on their home ice.

Despite eventually securing a controversial win, the second period witnessed Keefe expressing his frustration, particularly directed at Tyler Bertuzzi.

Keefe said his bench rant on Tuesday was directed towards Bertuzzi but says he holds the whole team accountable when they lose focus after good shifts. Adds that other players get heat from him behind closed doors.

Mike Johnson clarified exactly why Sheldon Keefe was mad at Tyler Bertuzzi :

Keefe was upset that Bertuzzi didn't get puck in deep in duet after Leafs tied the game. And he was not pleased!

Keefe, who signed a contract extension in the summer, has faced a tough start to the 2023-24 season. There's speculation that he may believe some players aren't fully understanding their roles, potentially attributing issues to player performance rather than reflecting on coaching strategies.

The Leafs currently hold an 11-6-3 record, securing a Wild Card spot in the Eastern Conference. Considering their top-5 finish last year, questions arise about Keefe's position, even with a recent contract extension. The animated outburst on the bench might indicate the pressure he feels to quickly turn things around. While it's uncertain, Keefe appeared more heated and animated than usual, sparking discussions about the challenges he might be facing.
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Sheldon Keefe Confirms His Bench Rant Was Maily Directed Towards Tyler Bertuzzi

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