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Kevin Weekes Reveals Why The Maple Leafs Failed To Acquire Chris Tanev

Published February 29, 2024 at 8:51 PM

In case you missed it, the Dallas Stars made a major move by acquiring veteran defenseman Chris Tanev from the Calgary Flames. In exchange, they traded a 2nd round pick, a 3rd round pick, and prospect Artem Grushnikov.

Kevin Weekes Reveals Why The Leafs Couldn't Trade With The Flames

Trade rumors surrounding Tanev and the Flames had been circulating for weeks, so the deal itself wasn't surprising. However, the price paid and the destination raised some eyebrows among hockey fans. There were reports suggesting that both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks were interested in Tanev and were willing to offer a 1st round pick in a trade. Yet, Dallas managed to acquire Tanev at a seemingly low cost. So, what's the story behind this move?

According to ESPN NHL insider Kevin Weekes, the Leafs were indeed interested in Tanev, as they were in former Flames defenseman Nikita Zadorov. However, Flames GM Craig Conroy reportedly required an exceptional offer to consider trading either player to Toronto.

Re Tanev Trade & Zadorov Trades The
were interested in both players, and as I reported- they tried trading for both at the same time and individually. It seems clear the
would've had to be blown away to send either to T.O.
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So, does this indicate that Conroy was seeking more from Leafs GM Brad Treliving due to their past association? Or did Dallas simply present the best offer?
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Kevin Weekes Reveals Why The Maple Leafs Failed To Acquire Chris Tanev

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