Brad Marchand calling out the Maple Leafs bench
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Sheldon Keefe sends a warning to the NHL and calls out Brad Marchand

Published April 22, 2024 at 10:24 PM

Following Max Domi's penalty on Brad Marchand in Game 1, Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe wants officials to keep an eye on both sides of the ice.

Domi's attempt to set a tone with aggressive play backfired when he received a penalty for slashing Marchand's wrist, leading to a power-play goal for the Bruins.

"I mean, hey, we sent a message for sure and obviously came up a little bit short," Domi said. "But we did a lot of good things last game so just got to keep doing the good stuff."

Keefe labeled Domi's penalty as undisciplined and emphasized the need to maintain intensity without crossing the line.

"I don't need Max to change anything about who he is and how he plays. He's an important guy for us, and I love the intensity he brought the other night. He got caught on the penalty," the Maple Leafs coach said of Domi.

While Keefe doesn't want Domi to change his playing style, he hopes for fairness from officials if similar incidents occur.

"I know their guy's probably going to get the same slash probably ten times in the rest of this series, and we'll see if he gets called on it. But I love Max's intensity."

He acknowledges Marchand's history of contentious plays against the Leafs, highlighting the need for consistency in officiating.

With Game 2 approaching, Keefe's comments serve as a reminder of the physicality and intensity expected in the series, while also urging for consistency in penalty calls.
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Sheldon Keefe sends a warning to the NHL and calls out Brad Marchand

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