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Wayne Gretzky Shares The Craziest Contract Offer In NHL History

Published December 25, 2023 at 11:47

Wayne Gretzky was offered by far the largest contract in NHL history but The Great One turned it down to win more Stanley Cups.

Gretzky's Big Decision: Saying No to Canucks' Mega Offer

In a recent chat on the Spittin Chiclets podcast with former NHLers Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney, Wayne Gretzky spilled the beans on a jaw-dropping moment from his career.

Gretzky shared that after clinching the Stanley Cup, the Vancouver Canucks made him a mind-boggling offer: a 25% ownership stake and a hefty salary boost.

After Wayne Gretzky won the Stanley Cup, he was offered 25% of the @Canucks and a huge raise.

He declined. The rest is history.

Breaking it down, Gretzky passed up on a colossal 375% salary hike and a quarter ownership of the Canucks. Instead, he stuck with the Edmonton Oilers, prioritizing the pursuit of more Stanley Cup victories.

Jump to today, the Canucks are valued at a whopping $1.32 billion. Gretzky's hypothetical 25% ownership would now be sitting at $330 million today. While some might scratch their heads at choosing championships over immediate cash, Gretzky's decision reflects his unwavering dedication to on-ice success.

Looking back, some might argue it could be one of the most significant financial choices in NHL history. Nevertheless, Gretzky's current net worth sits comfortably at $250 million, showing that even without the Canucks offer, he is doing just fine.

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Wayne Gretzky Shares The Craziest Contract Offer In NHL History

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