Gavin McKenna of the Medicine Hat Tigers and Connor Bedard of the Chicago Blackhawks
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Connor Bedard's Young Cousin Is A Rising Star Destined To Make Noise In The NHL

Published January 2, 2024 at 0:33
In the dynamic world of junior hockey, Gavin McKenna, a 15-year-old forward for the Medicine Hat Tigers in the WHL, is swiftly becoming a standout player. With a bloodline connected to phenom NHL rookie Connor Bedard, McKenna is making waves in the 2023-2024 season.

Connor Bedard's Young Cousin Gavin McKenna: A Rising Star

Sporting jersey number 72, McKenna is gaining notice for his remarkable performances at such a young age. Following in the footsteps of his accomplished cousin, Connor Bedard, McKenna showcases an innate hockey instinct and exceptional on-ice talent.

Connor Bedard's cousin, Gavin McKenna is in his 16 year old season is doubling anyone else in his class's production for a second year in a row

He's got 3 junior seasons before he's drafted but would already be highest scoring per game draft eligible skater in the 2022 class lol

Despite being a 2026 draft-eligible forward, McKenna has defied expectations by thriving in the challenging WHL. In 31 games, he has notched an impressive 39 points, including 8 goals in his last ten matchups. A particular highlight was a game where, with Medicine Hat trailing 3-0, McKenna secured a hat trick, sealing the victory with an overtime winner with a quick wrist shot reminiscent of his cousin's signature move.

Approaching his 16th birthday, McKenna's scoring prowess and physical development, standing at 5'11" and weighing 165 pounds, make him a compelling prospect. Teams eyeing the future may need to adjust their draft plans given McKenna's potential to evolve into the size of an above average NHL forward.

Rn his 16 year old season is the second best era adjusted PPG WHL DY-2 we have in our database behind Bedard

It's funny to me McKenna comfortably looks like the best player in his entire draft class but he still isn't the highest scorer in his own family at that age

For franchises seeking future impact players, McKenna emerges as a prospect worthy of attention. The promise of continued skill development and physical growth positions him as a potential franchise player, offering an exciting prospect for NHL teams aiming to shape their trajectory for years to come.

As McKenna continues to shine in the juniors, both hockey fans and scouts eagerly track his progress.

Could he be better then Connor Bedard?

Do you think Gavin McKenna will go top 5 in the draft?
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Connor Bedard's Young Cousin Is A Rising Star Destined To Make Noise In The NHL

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