FIGHT: Veteran Instigates A Fight With A Young Prospect

Published October 1, 2023 at 9:41

Anthony Mantha was not happy with his performance in the Capitals preseason game versus the Red Wings and took his anger out on a prospect.

Mantha Instigates A Fight With Kasper

In the final minutes of the Red Wings' preseason game with the Capitals, 29-year-old Anthony Mantha had some frustration he wanted to let loose so he decided to drop the gloves with any Red Wing he could find.

He decided to pick a fight with 2022 8th overall pick Marco Kasper in what can be viewed as more of a grappling match than a hockey fight.

He doesn't back down! Marco Kasper drops the gloves against former Red Wing Anthony Mantha! 👊


While few punches were thrown, it is clear that Kasper gave Mantha an earful and was able to stand up for himself despite being 10 years younger and 4 inches shorter.

The two are going in seemingly opposite trajectories in terms of their careers as Mantha has been declining the past few seasons struggling to stay healthy while Kasper has impressed at the SHL level and will look to earn a full-time spot with the Red Wings this year at only 19 years old.

As seen on House of Hockey - FIGHT: 19-Year-Old Prospect Drops The Gloves With 6'5 Vet
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FIGHT: Veteran Instigates A Fight With A Young Prospect

Who won this fight?

Kasper3155.4 %
Mantha2544.6 %
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