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Golden Knights Enforcer Gets Knocked Out With One Punch

Published December 23, 2023 at 7:27 PM

In breaking news, Vegas Golden Knights enforcer got KO'ed with one punch by Florida Panthers pest forward.

Florida Panthers Forward Ryan Lomberg Drops Golden Knights Enforver With One Punch

NHL fans tuning in for Saturday's action packed day were treated to an unexpected early Christmas surprise.

During Saturday afternoon's match between the Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights, the teams engaged in a tightly contested game. To spark things up, Lomberg and Kolesar decided to drop the gloves.

Ryan Lomberg with a one-punch takedown of Keegan Kolesar 👀👊

While Kolesar managed to exit the rink under his own power, there's some concern about his well-being after getting knocked out.

Stay tuned...


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Golden Knights Enforcer Gets Knocked Out With One Punch

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