Ryan Reaves Addresses His Humiliating Fight Against Arber Xhekaj

Published October 13, 2023 at 5:27 PM

Ryan Reaves got into his first scrap as a Toronto Maple Leaf in his debut. By the end of it, he ended up looking foolish thanks to Arber Xhekaj. Now Reaves has responded to the fight and his early season place within the Maple Leafs.

Reaves Embraces New Role In Maple Leafs Locker Room

The Toronto Maple Leafs brought in Ryan Reaves to both be a physical presence and an influence in the locker room. According to new comments from Reaves, he is off to a hot start in both areas. He has made two major changes to the Maple Leafs already.

Yes, Ryan Reaves had a say in the new goal song.

Yes, he now runs the dressing room music before puck drop.

Reaves apparently had a hand in picking the new goal song for the Maple Leafs so whether you love or hate the new choice take it up with Reaves. Secondly, he has been given the keys to the Maple Leafs pre-game music as well. This is yet another way that Reaves is impacting the Maple Leafs locker room and the vibes within the team.

However, things haven't all been positive during his first experiences with the Maple Leafs. Reaves also spoke on the disappointing result of his recent bout with Arber Xhekaj.

Reaves Addresses His Humiliating Fight Against Xhekaj

In the same media availability, Reaves addressed his fight with Arber Xhekaj and the disappointing result.

Yes, he wants a rematch with Wi-Fi.

«We play them two more times.»

Reaves is already looking forward to squaring up with young enforcer Arber Xhekaj in the teams next matchup with Montreal. He also commented on how he was disappointed with the way Xhekaj initiated the fight.

Reaves: «I don't like getting jumped. I don't know if I've ever really jumped anybody. You want to fight? Just ask me.»

While Reaves did not like the start or the result of the fight he will have 2 more opportunities to exact his revenge on Xhekaj. The two players' presence on the ice is going to keep the rivalry alive and well regardless of where the teams are in the standings all season long.

Will Arber be able to continue asserting his physical dominance or will Reaves get his revenge? We will have to wait until March 9th to find out.

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Ryan Reaves Addresses His Humiliating Fight Against Arber Xhekaj

Who will win the next fight?

Arber Xhekaj8964 %
Ryan Reaves5036 %
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