ECHL Goalies Zach Driscoll and Brett Brochu in a goalie fight in the ECHL.
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TRENDING: Electric Goalie Fight Breaks Out On The Ice

Published December 31, 2023 at 2:54
Tonight an insane goalie fight erupted during an ECHL game.

Goalie Fight Erupts During Minor League Game

Near the end of the second period of an ECHL game between the Indy Fuel and the Fort Wayne Komets a chaotic scene broke loose. The two Indiana-based teams were engaged in a close game when a shoving match in front of the net led to a massive brawl between the teams.

A brawl that began with just the skaters soon escalated to both goalies dropping the gloves. Zach Driscoll (Indy Fuel) and Brett Brochu (Fort Wayne Komets) dropped the gloves and threw some massive punches at one another.

OH MY No way this is happening

Both were assessed a major for fighting but not ejected from the game. This was great news for the Fuel as they would have been down to an Emergency Backup Goalie. Luckily that was not the case and both goalies went on to finish the game.

Here's another angle:

Do you think they should have been ejected?
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TRENDING: Electric Goalie Fight Breaks Out On The Ice

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