Line brawl between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils
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Brawl of the year involving Matt Rempe results in 8 ejections

Published April 3, 2024 at 8:10 PM

It was a scene straight from a hockey fan's wildest dreams, a line brawl erupting right as the puck dropped between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers.

Gloves came off, punches were thrown, and the crowd erupted with excitement as chaos unfolded on the ice.

What a start to Rangers - Devils as all 10 skaters fight at puck drop 😳 (Swipe to watch 🎥)

EIGHT players ejected almost immediately into the game, due to the NHL's secondary fighting rule

The fights were:

MacDermid v Rempe
Bahl v Goodrow
Lazar v Vesey
Marino v Miller
Tierney v Trouba

In one corner, Kurtis MacDermid of the Devils squared off against Matt Rempe of the Rangers. Meanwhile, Kevin Bahl traded blows with Barclay Goodrow, and Curtis Lazar tangled with Vesey. The intensity continued as John Marino faced off against K'Andre Miller, and Tierney duked it out with Trouba.

With fists flying and players tangled in the heat of the moment, even the coaches couldn't contain their emotions. Devils' coach Travis Green and Rangers' coach Peter Laviolette were seen exchanging words amid the chaos, adding to the drama.

In the end, a total of 10 players found themselves caught up in the mayhem. Game misconducts were handed out liberally, with MacDermid, Bahl, Marino, and Tierney from the Devils, and Rempe, Goodrow, Miller, and Trouba from the Rangers all sent off early.

The referees later determined that the initial altercation between Lazar and Vesey sparked the brawl, with other players joining in as secondary altercations unfolded.

It was a brawl for the ages, reminding fans why they love the raw energy and intensity of hockey.

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Matt Rempe and seven players ejected after massive line brawl
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Brawl of the year involving Matt Rempe results in 8 ejections

Who do you think won the fight between Matt Rempe and Kurtis MacDermid?

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