Corey Perry of the Edmonton Oilers fighting Parker Wotherspoon of the Boston Bruins
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BREAKING: Corey Perry Drops The Gloves

Published February 22, 2024 at 0:28

Corey Perry, known as "the worm", is one of the biggest pests in the NHL. After signing with the Edmonton Oilers a few weeks ago, he finally got engaged into his first fight with his new team.

Corey Perry Drops The Gloves

During Wednesday's game at Rogers Place, a heated fight emerged between Corey Perry from the Edmonton Oilers and Parker Wotherspoon from the Boston Bruins.

Corey Perry and Parker Wotherspoon with a solid bout 👊

The tilt happened in the second period while the Oilers were behind 3-1. Perry and Wotherspoon exchanged heavy punches near the boards, showing a lot of intensity and determination. Despite the punches, neither player fell down, and the linesman had to step in to break up the fight.

Who do you think won the fight?
February 22   |   244 answers
BREAKING: Corey Perry Drops The Gloves

Who do you think won that fight?

Perry7430.3 %
Wotherspoon9036.9 %
Draw8032.8 %
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