BREAKING: Five 2018 Team Canada Players Requested To Turn Themselves Into Police

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January 24, 2024  (10:21)

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The 2018 Team Canada World Juniors, known for their gold medal win, is currently under media scrutiny due to recent claims against the team.

Five Team Canada Players From 2018 Requested To Turn Themselves Into Police

Today, more information surfaced as Rick Westhead shared a significant update.
Breaking: According to unnamed sources reported by The Globe and Mail, five members of the 2018 world junior hockey team have been instructed to surrender to London, Ont., police for alleged charges. The players, yet to be formally charged, have been given a specified timeframe to report to the London police headquarters, as reported by @robyndoolittle.

It's important to note that as of now, no charges have been officially laid, and all players are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This development marks a crucial breakthrough in a longstanding case, and it is hoped that it will lead to a substantial resolution.
Names of the players involved have not been disclosed at this time.

Carter Hart And Dillon Dube Taking Personal Leave Days Before This Sparks Speculation

Carter Hart and Dillon Dube, both teammates on Canada's junior hockey team in 2018, have taken leaves from their respective NHL teams. While it might be coincidental and unrelated, there's speculation that a ruling on the scandal may be imminent.
Carter Hart and Dillon Dube, both members of junior Team Canada 2018, have taken leaves from their NHL teams. Might be just a coincidence, unrelated, but it appears as though some kind of ruling on the scandal may be coming shortly.

The 25-year-old Carter Hart has secured 12 wins in 26 starts this season, maintaining a 2.80 goals-against average and a .906 save percentage.
This season was pivotal for Carter Hart, the goaltender from Sherwood Park, Alberta. With high expectations and his contract expiring in 2024, it was a crucial moment for him to solidify his status among the league's top goaltenders. Teams depend on goalies for stability, and Hart was expected to evolve into a dependable force.
As for Dube, the Flames state that Dillon Dube is currently receiving care from health professionals, and they emphasize the importance of respecting his privacy.
Dillon Dube has been granted an indefinite leave of absence from the team while he attends to his mental health. Dillon is under the care of health professionals, and we request that Dillon's privacy is respected during this period.

The 25-year-old forward has tallied only three goals and seven points in 43 games this season. He faced a healthy scratch on January 9 and has been skating in the bottom six, experiencing a drop in his average ice time.
Last season, Dube achieved a career-high of 45 points in 82 games with an average ice time of 15:10.
While we sincerely hope everything is well with their families, the timing of their departures is quite unusual, especially given the ongoing investigation. It's certainly a situation worth keeping an eye on.
It appears that the results of the investigation could be on the verge of being made public.
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BREAKING: Five 2018 Team Canada Players Requested To Turn Themselves Into Police

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