Chicago Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard and forward Corey Perry
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BREAKING: True Reason For Corey Perry's Contract Termination Finally Revealed By NBC Broadcaster

Published January 23, 2024 at 8:53 PM
In a recent podcast with an NBC broadcaster, the true reason behind Corey Perry's contract termination with the Blackhawks has been finally unveiled.

NBC Chicago Broadcaster Reveals True Reason Why The Blackhawks Terminated Perry's Contract

In a surprising interview today, NBC Blackhawks broadcaster John Scott revealed shocking details about the incident that led to the termination of Corey Perry's contract with the Chicago team. According to Scott, during a stay in Columbus, Perry had too much to drink and made an inappropriate advance toward an NBC broadcaster.

Corey Perry was a model citizen in the NHL for like, 18 years. He made a mistake in Columbus one night, he drank too much and he made a pass at a staff member who worked at NBC. And then Chicago, in the environment that they live in now, if there's any hint of anything like that, they just get rid of everything.

Addressing concerns about potential character issues, Scott assured that Perry's minor mistake shouldn't overshadow his overall reputation. He emphasized that the termination might seem harsh but was likely a precautionary measure given the organization's recent experiences.

If Scott's report is accurate and there are no other grounds for Perry's exclusion from the NHL, the Blackhawks decision may be viewed as unjust. Despite Perry's misstep, which didn't involve a team employee, the contract termination might be considered an extreme response.

Looking ahead, Perry's release from the Blackhawks could turn out to be a blessing for him, as he appears to be a great fit with the Edmonton Oilers. With his veteran presence, playoff experience, and agitator role, Perry could enhance the Oilers performance. Currently on a thirteen-game win streak and adding a future hall of famer like Perry, the Oilers seem unstoppable.

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BREAKING: True Reason For Corey Perry's Contract Termination Finally Revealed By NBC Broadcaster

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