NHL commissioner Gary Bettman making a major announcement
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BREAKING: Gary Bettman Poised to Unveil Exciting News for NHL Fans

Published February 2, 2024 at 12:57
In a significant development, the NHL is gearing up for a major announcement this afternoon as Gary Bettman gets set to hit the podium.

NHL Players Set to Return to 2026 Olympics

The major news is regarding the participation of the NHL players in the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2026. Insider Chris Johnston reports that Gary Bettman is expected to reveal this shortly.

"In addition to the 2025 Four Nations tournament, the NHL and NHLPA will announce a return to the 2026 Olympics this afternoon, per sources. Best on best hockey is back."

This revelation holds immense importance as the NHL had refrained from involvement in the Olympics in recent editions due to challenges in reaching an agreement.

I'm told the
@NHL @NHLPA players tracking to participate in 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan Italy 🇮🇹 🔥 🥅, and the 2030 Winter Olympics as well. Of note ; likely no
@NHL All-Star Game next year.

The upcoming announcement is anticipated to be a joint statement from both the NHL and NHLPA, signaling a positive shift in the league's stance on Olympic participation. This marks a return to the "best on best" hockey, a development eagerly awaited by fans and players alike.

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BREAKING: Gary Bettman Poised to Unveil Exciting News for NHL Fans

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