Connor McDavid Takes a Bold Stand Against the NHL on Pride

Published October 4, 2023 at 8:39 PM

The NHL faced backlash last season when several players declined to don LGBTQ+ pride warmup jerseys. Now, one of the league's top players has voiced his opinion on the jersey ban.

McDavid Shares Views on Pride Nights

Connor McDavid recently commented on the NHL's pride nights during an interview. He openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the NHL's choice to prohibit specialty jerseys.

In Edmonton, we were among the pioneers in using the Pride Tape," McDavid remarked. "Our team is firm in its belief that hockey is inclusive for everyone, and that certainly extends to Pride Nights.

His statement strongly endorses Pride Nights and other initiatives that received NHL's support in the past. Following a hasty decision by the NHL to ban all specialty jerseys, players are now voicing their perspectives.

NHL Forges Ahead Sans Specialty Jerseys


Despite the ban on these jerseys, the causes they represent will still be acknowledged within the arenas. Many teams plan to host nights dedicated to supporting causes like Pride and Hockey Fights Cancer. McDavid weighed in on how the NHL managed last season's situation.

The controversy wasn't necessary. The focus should've remained on the positive impact of these themed nights,
he opined.

Even in the absence of specialty jerseys in the NHL, Edmonton Oilers players appear determined to demonstrate their solidarity. The use of Pride tape could become a favored alternative for players eager to show their support.
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Connor McDavid Takes a Bold Stand Against the NHL on Pride

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