Corey Perry Reportedly Drawing Heavy Interest From NHL Teams

Published November 29, 2023 at 8:40 PM

Corey Perry, known for his on-ice reputation, is now facing challenges off the ice. Despite this, there's speculation that several NHL teams are eyeing the 38-year-old forward, according to NHL insider Frank Seravalli on the Real Kyper & Bourne show.

Insider Frank Seravalli Reports Corey Perry Drawing Heavy Interest From NHL Teams

NHL insider Frank Seravalli hinted today on the Real Kyper & Bourne show that Corey Perry may find himself back in the NHL sooner than we might have thought. According to him, multiple teams may be interested in signing the 38-year-old.

Seravalli on Real Kyper & Bourne: «I think there's actually been a couple of teams in the last 24-48 hrs that may be interested in adding a player like Corey Perry, so I think there's a lot left to be written here»

Speculation as to what Perry's next destination will be is already in full-swing.

Frank Seravalli saying that a couple teams already have interest in Corey Perry. I hope Edmonton is one of them! @frank_seravalli

Twitter is buzzing with fans speculating about Perry's potential destinations, with some expressing hopes for their favorite teams to sign him.

Perry Could Fight Contract Termination With Blackhawks

Although the Chicago Blackhawks announced their decision to terminate Perry's contract, he still has the option to contest the termination within the next 60 days. While there's no official word from Perry's camp regarding this, the hockey media has raised the possibility.

TSN legal analyst Eric Macramalla highlighted that the standard of proof for contract termination is 'very high,' suggesting either the team is confident in their decision or Perry could have a legitimate chance at fighting it.

I joined @TSNJR and @TSNSteveLloyd n @TSN1200 to talk Corey Perry termination, including my theory as to the basis for the termination, how this was handled by the Hawks and what's next.

The situation remains fluid, and Perry's next steps are uncertain, making it an intriguing story to follow.
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Corey Perry Reportedly Drawing Heavy Interest From NHL Teams

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