George Parros Speaks Out After Facing Major Criticism Around The NHL

Samer Dagher
March 20, 2024  (2:40 PM)

Senior Vice President of NHL Player Safety George Parros
Photo credit: CBC

George Parros, the NHL Department of Player Safety's Senior Vice President, has faced criticism for his inconsistent decisions on suspensions and fines around the league.

He recently spoke to the media and defended himself, citing the complexity of the rulings and expressing frustration at the backlash.
"I take more beatings now than I ever did on the ice, I'll tell you that much,» said Parros. «It's tough. There's a lot of nuance involved, as you might imagine. Our goal is always consistency. We have a similar process that we follow. We have had players, former players, and people in this department that have been here for a long time that we get consistency from as well.

«We track these things all year long. We look at 1,000 clips a year. We send out clips within our department that become part of our history and get logged in our brains. So, when something happens on the ice, we can recall from either memory or the database that we've collected all along the way. That allows us to look at similar plays that allow us to act and react in a reasonable and consistent manner.»

Parros acknowledged the challenge of maintaining consistency but emphasized the department's efforts to track and analyze incidents throughout the year. Despite this, incidents like the Artemi Panarin-Tom Wilson altercation in 2021 and other controversial calls have raised doubts about his effectiveness.
«We see a lot; we pay attention to everything. I'd like to think we can see it all,» said Parros. «We're a dedicated group of people. Dedicated to this one specific task of keeping this game as safe as possible, maintaining as much physicality as we can within the rules, and that's what life circulates around. So, it's nice to share that with this group.»

He stressed the department's dedication to safety and maintaining the physicality of the game within the rules. Despite the scrutiny, Parros remains committed to the task at hand.
'I Take More Beatings Now Than I Ever Did On The Ice': NHL Department of Player Safety George Parros Speaks on Handing Out Suspensions
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George Parros Speaks Out After Facing Major Criticism Around The NHL

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